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Co-curricular Activities

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At APWS we facilitate honing students’ musical talents. We have a special music room where students get the opportunity to experiment with different instruments and forms of music. Expert musicians from the industry are appointed to help students excel in this field.

Dance – Performing Arts

Students at APWS enthusiastically participate in a number of dance programs and competitions. Professionals who are experts in different forms of dance are employed to train our students. Our dance faculty ensures that while they train students to be the best in particular dance forms, they also create a sense of fun and playfulness in their classes.


The power of play in learning is immense. Imaginative play helps students develop their skills of creativity, imagination, and innovation.


This is an important quality that we strive to inculcate in our students from an early age. Being confident goes a long way in life, communicating with a large gathering and expressing yourself clearly happen with more ease when one conducts themselves in an assured and confident manner.

Art Studio

Our Art studio is dedicated to creating a space where students can explore and learn various forms of art. Since art is a form of self-expression in many ways, we encourage the individual creativity of our students and nurture it by giving them the freedom to create their version of art rather than us dictating it.


We have a Drama Club in place where a team of musicians, drama teachers, and dance teachers organize plays from various genres. One of the best plays performed recently was the “Fiddler on the Roof”. This team also hosts a grand show every year, showcasing the budding talented actors and actresses in school.


Our students are being trained to excel in all fields. We encourage them to actively participate and engage in fests, debates and competitions. Our faculty invests time and makes available all resources to prepare and bring out the best in our students.

Students’ club

A number of students’ clubs and societies are formed to cultivate and increase awareness of cultures. These clubs also promote informative discussions of current economic, political, and social issues. We have clubs for Study Skills, Dance , Music, Year Book , Physics, Public Speaking , and Environment.

Sports and Games

Physical Education is an integral part of our school programme. We are strong supporters of maintaining the health of children through various indoor and outdoor sport activities. Children from all grades enjoy playing football, basketball and other outdoor sports. Facilities for indoor games such as chess, snooker, and table-tennis are provided to enhance the spirit of healthy competitiveness in our children.