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Highlights of the Campus

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Reading Room

We have dedicated special reading room in our school to facilitate the interest and development in reading skills of our students. The calm and serene atmosphere of the reading room allows for them to explore their inherent interest for learning through reading. Books on thousands of interest areas are available to students. Primary school students are mandated to utilize the reading room on a pre-set timetable. We strive to inculcate the wonderful habit of reading at an early age so that it stays with our students throughout their lives.

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Our library is designed to cultivate a spirit of curiosity, research, and exploration in our students. It encourages a pro-active learning attitude by giving access to a variety of resources in multiple formats to cater to differing learning needs of students and faculty. Books on Literature, English, History, Geography, ICT, Science, Art, French, Hindi, Kannada, Mathematics and fiction are found in abundance in our library. We have stocked our library with academic magazines, periodicals and question papers for students to stay updated about current national and international developments. Several Encyclopedia and reference books are also part of our resources. An ICT suite is provided to support students with study and research.

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Practicals, testing and experimenting significantly impact learning and understanding of a topic and subject. At APWS we have state-of-the-art laboratories for Science, Languages, Social Studies, Social Studies, Math, Integrated Science and a special Junior Science Lab for students to develop a strong foundation of theoretical concepts through practical experimentation.

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We take the health and well-being of our students very seriously. Pastoral care and nursing staff are available to students and faculty to ensure optimal health and welfare of all. Our healthcare staff is warm, friendly, and very qualified to attend to any health issues that may arise during school hours. Our school infirmary has sufficient number of beds and other necessary equipment to facilitate and address immediate medical needs. We also maintain comprehensive medical records of every student at the infirmary.

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Multipurpose Hall

Our multi-purpose hall has the capacity to comfortably accommodate about 600 people. It is very spacious, well-ventilated, lit and well-designed. Seminars, orientations, creative presentations, exhibitions and personality development programs are conducted in this space. It is also a venue for many curricular and co-curricular activities, morning assemblies, special assemblies, parent teacher meetings, and competitions.

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Our school cafeteria provides hot, fresh, and nutritious meals that are prepared by experienced chefs after consulting expert nutritionists. It is air conditioned and accommodates 100-150 students at a time. All meals are comprised of fresh salads, fruits, yogurt, vegetables, rice, chapatti and delicious dessert to ensure students get a balanced meal. Food is served from 11.30 A.M to 1 P.M. Hygiene and cleanliness of the cafeteria premises are regularly maintained. The menu is constantly revived and a regular feedback is taken into account to improve table manners and etiquettes. Fitted with a water filter, clean and pure potable water is available all around the campus.